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Are pets allowed?
Georgia Heights does not allow pets.
Can additional furniture be brought into the apartment?
You can bring additional furniture if you would like, but we will not remove and store any of the provided furnishings for you. 
Can I request a specific apartment or roommates?
Because we are leasing for our first year of occupancy, we will do the best to accommodate specific apartment requests, but it can never be guaranteed.  Because of our tiered pricing, you are signing for any floor plan within that tier and we have the discretion to place you in any unit type within that tier.  If you are signing for a 2 or 4 bedroom, you would need to request your roommates upon completion of your roommate matching card (during the application process) and we will do our best to ensure you are with that person.
When is my first payment due?

Your first rental installment will be due on July 15, 2017.  Your next installment will not be due until September 1, 2017 and will be due on the 1st of the month each month going forward through July 2018.

Will you send me a bill each month for rent?
We do not send rental invoices or reminders.  It is the responsibility of the tenant to remember when rent is due and make the appropriate installment payment. 
Can I pay my bill with a credit card? Is there an extra charge?
You can make payments online with a credit card.  There are transaction fees that apply with the use of a credit card and it is a percentage based off the amount of the transaction.  You will be shown the convenience fee when making the payment and have to agree to the extra fee before the payment is processed. 
How close to campus are you?
We are right on the edge of North Campus on the corner of Broad Street and Lumpkin.  We are 200 yards or less from the historic arches on campus, as well as the busiest UGA bus stop. 
If I am over 21 do I need to have a guarantor?
If you do not want to elect to have a guarantor, there are 2 other methods you may use to complete your lease agreement.  Please refer to our rental criteria to see the methods of completing your lease if you are electing not to have a guarantor. 
Is parking available?
Yes. Parking spots will be assigned and you will park in that assigned spot daily.  Parking is due each month and considered part of your rental installment due.  Rent will not be accepted without your parking included.  Once you sign for parking, you are also committing to a full year of parking.  You cannot decide mid-lease term that you do not want your spot anymore. 
What if I need to cancel my lease?
Unfortunately, there is no way to cancel your lease.  The lease agreement is legally binding.  You can go through the lease assignment process as outlined in the lease agreement.  There is a $200 fee associated with this process.  We encourage you to contact our Leasing and Marketing Manager if you feel you need assistance or more information on this process. 
What is an individual lease?
An individual lease means that you are only responsible for your rental installment and not the rent of your roommate (if in a 2 or 4 bedroom unit).  With an individual lease, you have the rights to joint use of the common spaces and then individual rights to your bedroom and bathroom. 
What size are the beds?
The beds are full size extra-long.  We recommend queen size sheets, although full size extra-long can be special ordered through some retailers. 
What types of apartments or rooms are available?
We have 1, 2 and 4 bedroom apartments available. 
What types of leases are available?
12 month leases.  
What utilities do residents pay and how much can residents expect their utility bills to be?
All the utilities, with the exception of electricity, are included in your rental installment.  We will take care of your cable, internet, water, trash and pest control.  You will be responsible for setting up your electricity account and making those payments.  Accounts not established in a tenants name or accounts that are turned back over to Georgia Heights due to non-payment will be subject to additional fees as outline in your lease agreement.  Because the building has not opened yet, we do not have a history to establish what you can expect to pay for electricity. 
When can I move in?
Our move in date is August 5, 2017.  No early move ins will be promised. 

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